Our origin

How everything started

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Marques de Arviza, located in the central heart of La Rioja, has one of the oldest cellars that still conserves the original denomination. The buildings were originally from 1874 and they were constructed over more than 500 meters of caves designed in the 16th and 17th century, which allows the place to conserve the depth and personality of our wines.

After a great process of rehabilitation, today Marques de Arviza proudly opens the doors again to the public in order to show the authenticity that confers the magic of discovering our traditional wine and our culture of La Rioja.

Unique land in the higher La Rioja where the most appreciated wines are elaborated.
Immerse in the depth of the vineyards and discover the journey to the past through our wines.

Our Legacy

A Journey to History



The enchantment surrounded by the cellar was influenced by the style of the great ‘maisons’ from Reims and Epernay, where its beauty is guarded inside. With an very rich underground legacy hard to appreciate only from the outside. The facilities are built over more than 500 meters of caves (calados) and vitifried lakes from the 16th century, conserving the magic and legends lived in each part of our caverns.



Both the production halls and the cementery of bottles from Marques de Arviza are buried in more than 12 meters of depth, in stones masonries where it can still be appreciated today the signature of the builders that indicate the usage of Roman roads in its construction. Among other areas, there is an old Christian chapel, two lakes of glass tiles where wine used to be formed, and even some recent excavations that allows the visitor to discover the rich composition of the Riojan ‘terroir’.



Submerging into the territory of Marques de Arviza is coming back to the past in order to understand the meaning of life for the people in the area of Fuenmayor, since it used to be mainly cover by the vineyards most of the year until the winter, when the cold would be used to build the cellars and caves. That is the reason why each of the semicircular arches which forms the deep passages represents a winter of hard work and dedication, being considered a unique legacy of the artistic and cultural patrimony from La Rioja.

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