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Internationally recognized, La Rioja produces the most prestigious wines of our country. Located in the Valley of the Ebro, the land in this area enjoys of a continental micro-environment with Mediterranean and Atlantic influence. The combination and uniqueness of this situation allows the grape to be grown in excellent conditions for its later processes in the creation of the wine selection offered.

The cellar consists of 38 Ha of vineyards with excellent qualities in soil and weather for the growth of the grape. 25 Ha of Tempranillo grape, 10 Ha of Graciano and 3 Ha of red Garnacha. The oldest vineyards are always focused in the elaboration of the best wines in our selection.


38 hectare
Type of Soil
Clay soil
Tempranillo, Graciano, Garnacha
Certified by the Riojan Council Regulator

Marqués de Arviza

A Unique Landscape


Está compuesto por tres variedades diferentes; arcillo-calcáreos, arcillo-ferrosos y aluviales muy ricos en caliza , permeables que los hacen muy aptos para el envejecimiento de nuestras viñas, por tener una materia colorante muy estable.


Clima atlántico con influencia del valle del Ebro. Tipo seco sub-humedo donde la temperatura media anual oscila entre los 9,8º y los 13,2º lloviendo una media de entre 440 mm y 650 mm, que confieren unas condiciones optimas de cultivo.


Outstanding region where the predominant autochthonous grapes of Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano and Mazuelo can grow in the excellent conditions required. Regarding the variety of white wine, the main grape used is white Garnacha.


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60% of the surface of the vineyards of La Rioja Alta is occupied by the variety of Tempranillo, while 12% is by Garnacha and 4% by the rest of variety of red grapes used in the area. The 24% left is dedicated to the cultivation of Viura and other varieties of white grapes like Malvasía and white Garnacha


The área of Rioja Alta is formed by 77 municipalities from La Rioja, in which is grown and produced around 43% of the wine with original denomination, predominantly the one with the best quality and higher prestige internationally.



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La Rioja Alta is a Spanish area located in the western vortex of the Valley of the Ebro. Despite its reduced dimensions, it represents an idyllic variety of plants animals and landscapes impossible to be found anywhere else. It is the combination of all this geographic characteristics what allows the rivers that go through to create the fertile environment perfect for the elaboration of wine.

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