Wine Producer

Mario Ruíz-Clavijo

The fifth generation of the family, thanks to the familiar legacy and passion for the culture, allowed his dream to become true: to develop and create his own wine under a new concept known in the region as ‘’The Vineyard’’. The project originated in the goal of recovering other old vineyards owned by his great grandfather while applying all the knowledge in the sector that was given generation after generation inside Marques de Arviza. The final result was nothing less than excellent through the production of very limited productions, with unequal and unusual wines inside the original denomination of La Rioja.

A new concept for a new era.

Wine producer and owner of cellar.

Antonio Ruiz-Clavijo

Fourth generation of owners of wineries, represents the cultural heritage present in the cellar. The depth of his wines proudly shows the excellence acquired after all the experience in the sector. The history of La Rioja is represented in his products as it enhances the fundamental quality of the prestigious area: the love for the hard work and the great outcome of it as Marques de Arviza does in his homeland. Today, son and grandson are united in develop and improve if possible the legacy of the family through the line of wines offered.

My father, the grandfather of Mario, brought the first tractor to our region and today is ‘El Tractor’ one of our flagships.

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